Dr. Ankit Shrivastav is a young and talented Endocrinologist and Diabetologist practising in Argora, Ranchi. He specializes in a wide range of disorders such as Diabetes, Thyroid diseases, Short Stature, Cholesterol disorders, PCOS, Pituitary and adrenal diseases, high BP in young, Sex hormone disorders, Obesity, Growth and development and other hormone-related conditions.

Dr. Shrivastav completed his entire medical education in Kolkata. He finalized graduation (MBBS) from NRS Medical... [+]

Pal J, Shrivastav A, Goswami D, Mukhopadhaya J D, Karmakar P S, Sengupta P, Chatterjee S, Biswas N M. Assessment of Insulin Resistance in Non-diabetic Hypertensives in Eastern India. J Indian Med Assoc 2013; 111: 170-3.

Shrivastav A, Sarkar G. Hand in Chronic Arsenicosis. N Z Med J. Accepted for publication.

Pal J, Shrivastav A, Pathak H S, Sarkar D K. Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory syndrome associated with Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome-related gastrointestinal limited Kaposi's sarcoma presenting as acute intestinal obstruction: A Case Report. J Med Case Rep. 2011 Jul; 5:327.

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